Welcome to the home of Rathbone & Brown classical guitars. Here you will find a selection of exquisitely crafted luthier built concert grade instruments at surprisingly affordable prices. 

Master Reproductions

Master built instruments using plans from European master luthiers such as Herman Hauser, Daniel Friederich and Robert Bouchet

Traditional Master Luthiery

Master built instruments using traditional Spanish methods and influenced by master luthiers  such as Antonio de Torres,  Ignacio Fleta, Jose Romanillos

'New Era' Instruments

Master built instruments using what we refer to as 'New Era' luthiery. The designs are heavily influenced by models made by world renowed Australian luthier Greg Smallman and latterly master luthier Yulong Guo

Fusion Build Instruments

Luthier built Instruments with design features drawn from both traditional Spanish and 'New Era' luthiery, 

All of our instruments are built in an artisan workshop headed by luthier Niu Lihua a former understudy to world renowned master luthier Yulong Guo. Our master built instruments use only the finest grades of tone woods that have been naturally seasoned for a minimum of 8 years to give superior tonal performance.

Read more about us HERE and if you have an interest in acquiring a master grade classical guitar then we would love you to make an appointment to  visit us in person